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History tells a people where they have been and what they have been, where they are and what they are.  Most important, history tells a people where they still must go”… ~ Dr. John Henrik Clarke


Visit the communist nation in East Asia, is the world’s most populous country. Its vast landscape encompasses grassland, desert, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers and 14,500km of coastline. Beijing, [...]


Visit the island in the eastern Caribbean, is an independent island nation within the British Commonwealth. Bridgetown, the capital, has sugar mill distilleries, shopping, colonial buildings and [...]


Not only does Spain have a rich culture, a majestic blend of topographies, and internationally recognized museums and cathedrals, Spain is famous for their foreign language centers, making it an [...]


Enter the incredible world of the Inca Empire and find a new perspective on your place in history South America. Yale professor Hiram Bingham “rediscovered” Machu Picchu in 1911. Over [...]

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