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There are many great ways to promote your tour and recruit students, but no matter which ones you use, one fact remains true…PREPERATION PREVENTS POOR OUTCOMES!

As a general rule of thumb, groups who book tours 6-12 months in advance of their travel date recruit twice as many students as groups who book less than six months early. In addition to starting early, here are our favorite ways to promote your tour, recruit students and get them and their parents excited and onboard with your plan:

1. Class Announcements

As soon as you choose your tour destination and date, be sure to acquire and confirm all of the necessary approvals from your administration.  Immediately start making in-class announcements daily, followed up by email reminders to your students and parents. Announcements should include all of the important details about your trip, such as the date(s), destinations, main attractions, purpose, accommodations, price and payment schedule. Create a handout that lists the important dates and deadlines, any fundraising projects, and any events, such as parent meetings. Make it clear that only a projected number of participants may attend, and that those

2. Parent Letter & Email Announcements

ABC Travels will provide you with a Participants Guide that includes a parent letter, your itinerary, the tour price, registration information, payment information, a list of everything included on your tour and a bit about what students can expect from their tour experience. While traditional hard-copy letters can be sent out, there are many advantages of communicating through email. For the enrollment form, the email can include a Google Doc that allows them to easily type in the required information.

3.Weekly Email Blasts

Following your initial announcements, continue to keep parents and students in the loop about your tour by sending emails to remind them of upcoming deadlines, fundraisers, fun facts about your tour destination, and frequently asked questions.

4. Social Media

We all love social media for personal use, but did you know that it can also help you bring attention and add excitement to your tour?  Facebook can be a great way to post reminders for parents.  It can also act as a forum where students and parents can ask questions and address concerns.  Don’t just stop there…start a Twitter page for the tour and let parents know you will be tweeting “live” from the tour. Go even a step further and encourage students to use a hashtag and post pictures to a private Instagram group. Lastly, if you or a colleague did the same tour last year, compile your photos and videos into a short i-movie. This can be very helpful to show parents and students what they’ll be doing during their tour. The video can be distributed via email and social media, and also shown at meetings.

5. Posters & Flyers

Once you’ve booked your tour, ABC Travels provides you with promotional items such as a downloadable poster to hang up in your classroom and a flyer to copy and distribute.

6. Student Ambassadors

Select motivated, creative students to be Student Ambassadors.  Their role is to help their teachers make the tour a reality by spreading the word within the school and community. Student Ambassadors share their enthusiasm for the trip and earn a 10% discount off of their tour or even a free trip!

Student Ambassadors will use the Ambassadors’ checklist for ideas on ways to spread the word and generate excitement. PLUS! Every Student Ambassador will be automatically entered to participate in contests hosted by Dream Big Youth Travel for the chance to win cool prizes like a GoPro camera, Beats by Dre, fun travel accessories and free trips! Make sure to connect with us on social media!

Refer a Teacher/Group Leader

If you had a positive travel experience with ABC Travels, do your friends a favor by letting them know about us! They’ll thank you — and we’ll thank you!

Heres how it works:

Spread the Word

Share your amazing travel experience with a fellow teacher that hasn’t previously traveled with ABC Travels on Facebook →  Omowale Travels

Receive a Thank You

For every referral that you send our way that books a tour with us, we’ll thank you too with a $50 gift card for yourself or another student on a social studies field trip or a $100 gift card for any study abroad tour.

Our student tours wouldn’t be possible without chaperones. If your Group Leader has selected you as a chaperone, here are some very important guidelines to learn how you will contribute to your tour.

General Responsibilities

  •  At the time of departure, check in participants and make sure everyone is present.
  • Take head counts of students each time you leave a site or board a bus.
  • Familiarize yourself with the itinerary to help keep the group on schedule. It’s important to ensure that all group members are together at all times.
  •  For the safety of your group, enforcing safety precautions, behavioral rules and your school’s code of conduct is necessary.
  • Make sure students are paying attention and absorbing information while sightseeing.
  • At the hotel, work with Tour Directors to help students check in/check out.
  • Ensure that students stay in hotel rooms after curfew.
    For transportation, work with Tour Directors to help with transitioning between flights/trains/motor coaches. Assist students at the baggage claim and make sure the group stays especially close together at the airport.